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Where do we get our shirts, cups and wristbands?

You will receive your cup and T-shirt at Uncle Woody's On Calhoun St. Monday March 6th. at 9 pm. If you need to get someone else's shirt, cup and wristband, this is permitted if you have their driver's license or a copy of it on your phone. DO NOT GIVE YOUR WRISTBAND OR SOMEONE ELSE’S TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21. Bouncers will be checking ID’s at EVERY bar. If you think you’re going to your underage friend in, guess again.


If you cannot make it to Woody's the Monday before, you will be able to pick up your crawling gear at Woody's Thursday March 9th (the day of) at 9 pm. You can purchase your shirts, cups and wristbands here as well if you haven't already.


Can I get a refund?

This event will happen rain or shine, it is highly unlikely that it will be canceled. There will be no refunds issued.


Is there a discount?

We are offering tickets for 25% off before March 1st. to EVERYONE. Tickets are $20 otherwise.


Is there an Itinerary?

The itineraries will go live the week of with a list of DJ’s the week before the crawl. Look for it in your email inbox or on the website


Wearing the Brown St. Bar Crawl T-Shirt is mandatory

However, as long as it is still in tact, you can be creative. Make the outfit your own, but make sure the t-shirt can be recognized by bouncers, or be prepared to pay a $5 cover at each stop. The participating bars are Mac's Pizza Pub, Uncle Woody's, St. Clair, Keystone, Brass Tap, Mr. Sushi and Murphys Pub. Most will have a live DJ. If you have your shirt on they will let you in free of charge.


Do Not Drive!!

Call a sober friend or one of the cab companies in the area or schedule and UBER or LYFT. Most of you stay on campus, but if not, let's be safe out there.

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