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So you have signed up for a trivia night

now what?

There are several things that we ask you, as a studious and mindful manager or owner, to do in order to ensure your trivia night is the best it can possibly be. We strive for a great product, and have lots of followers, but we need your help to make the night a success!


Where do I start?


All of these promotional items listed below, can be ordered on our website at or by emailing


These promotions are something you should constantly be doing if possible. Keep promoting, keep pushing the night!


Sharing your Facebook event pages. Social media is king. We will give you a paid, Facebook event page for several of your first and upcoming events. We ask that you not only share the event on your business Facebook page, but you ask staff and management to share the event page, as well as select some of their friends to “invite” to the event. Facebook’s algorithms understand when the event page is being shared and guests are being invited to the event organically. This helps the paid boost will go A LOT further, not to mention that it will increase people's interest in the event. This is huge. It will bring more guests out, but needs to be done religiously and consistently. We will send these event pages to you either on FB messenger or via email. If you would like a boosted event page for your night, please order one at


Use the Instagram graphics we send you. You will get 2 Instagram graphics before the start of your first trivia night. Please feel free to use it in a post on your first night of trivia, as well as any and all future trivia nights. Please feel free to tag us, @triviatwist make sure you include any beer, liquor or food promotions for the night and don’t forget to hashtag! Again, feel free to order more graphics, we love making them.


Add us to your website calendar. Please also add our company logo our company logo to your website. Once people see our logo and that we will be offered at your bar, they are going to want to play. Please feel free to add a small plug to get people to come out. Something like “see us Tuesdays at 7 for $2 tacos and Trivia with a Twist!” You can Google out company name to download the logo.


Hang your posters. Posters should be hung throughout the bar and in bathrooms. You will receive 3 of them before your event starts. Please ensure they have the correct time and date on them for your weekly or monthly event. We suggest you keep them up forever and always :) If you need more, just ask. Posters can be ordered at the above web address.


Talk to your beer and liquor vendors. You can get free swag as well as special promotions or tastings. Pairing your trivia night with a tap takeover, a bar “spend” (this is when your rep comes in and buys beer for everyone), they are less rare than you think. You might be able to get extra cool prizes from a local zoo, aquarium, baseball or basketball team. Usually all you have to do is ask, most place will oblige. Make sure you lets your guests know on social media of the extra awesome stuff you’re giving away that night.

Word of mouth is huge. Simply asking staff to talk about our new and upcoming event to guests and their friends will help a ton. In your weekly staff meeting or pre-shift meeting, ask the staff to inform guests about your new trivia night. You might even ask them to hand out flyers with guest checks. They can let guests know that it’s free to play team trivia, there is a live and interactive host with great music, as well as prizes for first, second and third place.


Offer a great food and drink special. Give them something really great to come out for. Bucket specials are great, $2 well drinks, ½ price pizza. Don’t give away the house, but make it good enough that it’s a good draw. Talk to your beer reps, they will certainly get you signage about the promotion or special, or just ask us, we can make some pretty cool stuff too.


Get involved with a non-profit. We have done events with several local charities and they really drive traffic. These are fun and easy to do, and can help make new guests aware of your trivia night. We are more than happy to help set these up and reach out to local charities.


Our goal is to get 30 or more guests to your trivia night, every night. We have many venues that really see the benefits of taking the time to properly promote their trivia night. Remember this is a collaborative effort, we are more than happy to help do what it takes to get your trivia night one of your best nights of the week.

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